25 Things To Do This Summer When Bored


 Summer is almost halfway over. Here is a list of 25 things to do this summer you can still do to make sure your holidays are not wasted.

  1. Lift up your butt and get outside. It’s better than just doing nothing, right?
  2. Buy the weirdest ice cream taste you’ve ever seen and give it a big lick.
  3. Make sure you are not low on Vitamin Sea (or river, pond whatever you have nearby).
  4. Choose the most random destination (in the world or just your city), grab a bunch of friends and go there.
  5. Read those books you’ve sworn to read.
  6. Make a cool summer playlist or use this one. Turn the music on and scream out load, so that your neighbours get summer vibes as well. I mean sharing is caring, isn’t it?
  7. Pick up any Christmas film (yes, you heard it right). Screw the fact it’s summer. It’s never a bad time for a good old Christmas film.
  8. Buy 10 pairs of colourful socks. Don’t forget the palm tree print!
  9. Step up your cocktail game. Try at least 5 new recipes.
  10. Sing in the public as loud as you can. Share the vibes.
  11. Buy a plant, name it Zebedee and keep it alive for the rest of the summer.
  12. Find a job. Who doesn’t need extra money?
  13. Pick a random day and don’t sleep till the sunrise comes out.
  14. Make a summer scrapbook. If you are not good at dealing with anything creative, then just print your summer photos and stick them to your wall.
  15. Go for a night walk. Let’s be romantic for a minute.
  16. Throw a party and dance all night.
  17. Have a good old barbecue. Food+summer= a perfect combination.
  18. Start a marathon of your favourite TV shows.
  19. Eat as much watermelon as you can.
  20. Conquer one fear. Something you’ll be really proud of, trust me.
  21. Get as tanned as possible, so that fake tanned girls get jealous.
  22. Try to catch a butterfly.
  23. Record a funny video with your friends and blackmail them with that video (joking… maybe).
  24. Buy something you’ve always wanted to. ANYTHING.
  25. Go to the festival or any outdoor concert. Dance and sing there like no one is watching you.
Hope you enjoyed my list of 25 things to do this summer. If you want to see more summer-related posts, click here.
Enjoy your summer! Be classy and unique.


  1. Great article buddy. I have learned a lot of new things by reading this article.
    Thanks for sharing. 🙂


  2. Love this! This is a perfect reminder to soak up the summer while it’s still here! My boyfriend and I are going to Hawaii this summer, so we’re looking forward to that! 🙂


  3. Love it, a couple of them I can’t do due to having lo’s but some can def do 🙂 Thanks


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