3 Summer Outfits


Here is a new portion of my sartorial inspiration. This time I decided to create 3 summer outfits and talk you through everything I’ve picked up. I tried to choose items which are quite versatile and can be worn in multiple ways, so hopefully, you will find something suitable for yourself.

  • Born in New York
Born in New York

This outfit does remind me of NY essence and style. It’s simple and chic. If you are in need of something minimalist and stylish, this outfit idea will definitely come in handy. I opted for a delicate striped dress which looks gorgeous itself. Trapeze bag and peep-toe boots add that NY essence to this look. To spice up the outfit I chose a black hat (obsessed with them), a dainty scarf and a pair of beige glasses. I love this look as it’s suitable for both daytime and nighttime.

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  •  But first jeans
But first jeans

I think there is a huge group of people who will always prefer jeans no matter what (including me). That’s why I decided to incorporate jeans into my next outfit. This look is also a perfect example of how to use one of my wardrobe basics – mom jeans. I picked a nice beige cropped top to bring this outfit to a more girly side. To complete the look I paired it with some black heels and a cute small backpack. This outfit is also perfect for any time of the day and weather as it’s really simple, minimalist and pretty.

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  •  Stay authentic! Stay hipster!
Stay authentic!Stay hipster!

My last outfit idea is more on the sporty side. I chose this cute wrap-around skirt with an amazing burgundy top. This combination is just adorable and is right up my street. I also added good old vans (which are another staple of mine). Besides, I picked up this cute cassette tape bag and I think it imparts a feminine touch to the outfit. A perfect addition to the look is this black watch which looks very sophisticated and hipster.

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What do you think of my 3 summer outfits? I would love to hear from you.

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Also, how cute are these sets? I’ve put so much effort into picking the right pictures and details.


  1. Ah it’s still winter here (Australia) summer can’t come quick enough! But only the first outfit would be cool enough for our summers, thanks for the inspo though 🙂


    1. Hope you are having a good winter) thanks for reading my post xox


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