How To Dress Like Kendall Jenner

Dress like Kendall Jenner

Welcome back to my series “Dress like”. Today’s post will be entirely dedicated to one of my all time favourite models Kendall Jenner. I mean she is at the peak of her modelling career and her style does amaze a lot of people. So I thought it would be too foolish of me not to include her in one of these little posts.

We all are well aware that people of her status can brag with many zeros on their price tags. That’s why I decided to find more or less inexpensive alternatives to what Kendall has on these photos. Basically, this is ‘How to dress like Kendall Jenner without wasting a lot of money’. I’ll be doing the same thing with my other posts just to prove that money doesn’t define a great sense of style.

Kendall Jenner Style #1
  • The first look is stylish and as simple as 2+2. I love the minimalist vibe going on here. It represents my favourite combination of black jeans and white top with some black accessories. It was also a good decision to add a coral lipstick as it brightens up the look and makes it really girly.
Kendall Jenner Style #2
  • Kendall’s next look is also a good example of how to make something incredible out of basics. Here we have high waisted jeans combined with this gorgeous red top. I think this looks amazing, although I wouldn’t dare to wear red. This massive belt completed the look and brought it to a different level.
Kendall Jenner Style #3
  • Our final outfit is probably my favourite one out of these three. I can’t describe how addicted I am to the stripe wide leg trousers. They look quite sophisticated and cool. We’ve got here my favourite black and white palette. Kendall also added a splash of colour by opting for a burgundy bag.

Hope you’ve enjoyed my post ‘Dress like Kendall Jenner’. For all the prices and brands tap on the pictures or right here. Leave in the comments your suggestions on who I should write about in my next post “Dress like”.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that I’m not telling you to copy someone’s style. I’m just sharing ideas on what you can incorporate into your wardrobe. All these posts are about inspiration and nothing else.

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I wish you a very happy weekend. Be classy and unique.



  1. I love Kendall’s style! This blog post is so helpful in recreating her chic look!


  2. Loving the Dress Like series, I agree that money doesn’t stand in the way of style, when there are great alternatives that cater to every budget. Kendall has a timeless style, loving the outfits that you chose. Great post dear, keep it up!



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