Photos Of The Month

photos-of-the-month  If you are looking for an informative post, you are in the wrong place. Today’s post is going to be different to what I usually do but I’ve wanted to create something like that for ages. The time has finally come.

 You may or may not know that I’m quite keen on photography (in fact, I’m addicted to it). That’s why I thought I would make a little post showcasing my favourite photos that I’ve taken this month. I adore wandering the streets and taking pictures of the things and places that seem unusual or inspirational (even if it means stopping at every corner and every bush). So here is a collection of the moments captured by me.

Also, I didn’t want it to be just a bunch of photos, so I tried to make it look quite arty and turn it into some kind of mood board. Anyway, I hope you will like it.


If want to see even more photos of mine, go to my Instagram page.

   Be classy and unique.



  1. Your snapshots are great, but I also like the way your photos are arranged! Very classy and unique 🙂


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