Summer mood board and playlist

summer mood board and playlist

Since summer has landed on our soil (it’s been already a month, hello), it’s time for another summer mood board and playlist (oh yeah).

This time I tried something different rather than just putting together a bunch of hipster photos. I’ve always seen so many amazing mood boards on Pinterest and Tumblr and wanted to create something similar-ish one day. It took me ages to figure out how to make my mood board look like the one you see in the magazines. I think it turned out pretty cool considering the fact that it’s my first try.

As to my playlist, it is a mishmash of different styles and signers. Most of the songs have more positive, beach vibes. Still, there are some sad, melancholic tracks (who says you can feel blue in the summer?). Anyway, whether you are full of joy or feeling a lit bit dull, I hope you will still discover something for yourself in that playlist.

Also, I wanted to add something inspirational to the text, so you could have some food for thought whilst enjoying my summer mood board and playlist:-)

I came across some cool quotes on Pinterest the other day and one of them was

“Sometimes when you are in a dark place, you think you’ve been buried but actually you’ve been planted”

It might not be that inspirational but at least it made me smile. I hope you are having a lovely summer whether you are soaking in sun rays on the beach or tucked up in bed with your favourite book.

Stay in bloom. Be classy and unique.

P.S.If you want to listen to my previous mood boards and playlists you can click here. Hope you find them inspirational as well.
P.S2 You can find a bit more inspiration on my Instagram page as well.


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