Welcome to Classy&Unique.com. New era

We embarked on this journey almost a year ago and it is high time to reach our first destination.
We are getting bigger, expanding our borders. I’happy to note that Classy&Unique is not a tiny blog anymore, it is a fully functioning site now that will hopefully bring even more joy to its readers.
It has always been a huge dream of mine to possess my own place in the enormous Universe called Internet. About a year ago I obtained that place and gave it a name Classy&Unique. Now looking back from a different perspective I come to understand it was one of the best decisions to make and it did impart more colour to my life. I’ve got to share my passions with people from around the world and it makes me really happy.
Since we are turning a new page it’s important to say a massive thank you to those who constantly read my blog, continue to find it entertaining and can derive inspiration from my posts. I hope you will keep being by my side.
This post marks the beginning of a new era in the history of Classy&Unique. Greater and brighter one.

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See you soon xox

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